Padel tennis rackets 2022

We bring you the news of the most important paddle brands for the 2022 season

Little by little the end of the year is approaching and we are already looking forward to knowing the news of the most important paddle brands for the 2022 season. New models, designs and technologies await us, and we are so eager to discover them that in this post we are to reveal all the details that we have of the blades that will give so much to talk about next season and that in a few weeks you will be able to acquire in Padel Pro Shop.


For now, what seems certain is that the Spanish brand will keep its best known models such as Bullpadel Hack 03 22 by Paquito Navarro and Bullpadel Vertex 03 22 by Juan Tello, with their respective models of Bullpadel Hack CTR 03 22 and Bullpadel Vertex CTR 03 2022 of Chingotto. Of course, we will surely find interesting differences with respect to the models of the year 2021, both in design and in specifications.

In addition, for this season we will continue to see well-known models such as the Flow or the K2 and completely new ones such as AXYM.

More information about the Bullpadel 2022 Rackets.


As every season we are looking forward to the arrival of the adidas padel news for the 2022 season and we are sure that we will see new versions of Ale Galán’s famous Metalbone, such as the following: adidas Metalbone 3.1 blade, adidas Metalbone HRD blade, adidas blade Metalbone CTRL 3.1, adidas Metalbone #GreenPadel Racket, adidas Metalbone Lite Racket or adidas Metalbone MASTER Ltd 2022 Racket.

It is also more than likely that we will see a new design in Martita Ortega’s shovel in several models that could be: adidas adipower 3.1 shovel, adidas adipower CTRL 3.1 shovel, adidas adipower LIGHT 3.1 shovel, adidas adipower #GreenPadel shovel or adidas adipower MASTER shovel Ltd 2022.

And we will surely see other models such as the Essnova Carbon 3.1, the Rx 100, Rx 200 Light and Rx 300, as well as the adidas Match 3.1 and the adidas Drive 3.1.

More information about the Adidas 2022 Rackets.


Among the models that will surely stand out for this season we will have the famous Nox AT Genius Attack 18K Shovel, the Nox AT10 Genius 18K Shovel by Agustín Tapia, the Nox Nerbo WPT Luxury Series Shovel, the Nox Tempo WPT Luxury Series Shovel, the Nox ML10 Shotgun Shovel Luxury Series, the Nox ML10 Bahia Luxury Series Paddle or the Nox ML10 Pro Cup Luxury Series Paddle.

We are also looking forward to the blades of the «Atomic Twins», the Pala Nox MJ10 by Majo S.Alayeto and the Pala Nox MP10 by Mapi S.Alayeto.

Other interesting models are surely the ML10: Nox ML10 Pro Cup Black Edition Blade, Nox ML10 Pro Cup Rough Surface Edition Blade, Nox ML10 Pro Cup Coorp Blade or Nox ML10 Pro Cup Silver Blade. Nor can we forget the mid-range with some models such as the Nox Attraction WPT Advanced Series Racket, Nox Equation WPT Advanced Series Racket, Nox Equation Lady WPT Adavanced Series Racket, Nox X-One EVO Colors Racket or Nox X-One EVO Black Racket.

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Head Gamma Motion

For now we can tell you that we are looking forward to some models with great interest, although we will still have to wait to reveal the designs of the blades. We will surely see rackets as interesting as the Delta Pro 2022 head racket, the Delta Motion 2022 head racket, the 2022 Delta Elite head racket, the 2022 Zephyr Pro head racket or the 2022 head Flash Pro racket.

We already know the new Head Gamma Pro of Arturo Coello and the new Head Gamma Motion.

More information about the Head 2022 Rackets.


It seems clear that the French brand will renew some of its most popular models such as the Babolat Air Viper 2022, Babolat Technical Viper 2022 and Babolat Counter Viper 2022, as well as its intermediate models Babolat Air Veron 2022, Babolat Technical Veron 2022 and Babolat Counter Veron 2022, and also the initiation models Babolat Air Vertuo 2022, Babolat Technical Vertuo 2022 and Babolat Counter Vertuo 2022. We will have to see what the new designs are like, if they incorporate new technologies and if they continue to bet on the same color ranges as in 2021.

To these star models we must add others known as the Babolat Defiance 2022 Shovel, the Babolat Revenge 2022 Shovel or the Babolat Reflex 2022 Shovel, and we are also sure that the French will surprise us with a new model. We’ll be alert!

More information about the Babolat 2022 Rackets.

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