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Munich Padel

Munich Padel

Munich wants to make a niche in the padel market by entering through the feet, bringing some interesting proposals to the world of 20x10 both in design and technology.

Munich Padel

Munich, a Spanish brand more than known for its contributions and trajectory to indoor sport, takes a step and enters the world of padel, expecting the same success already achieved with the rest of the sports behind its back.

The Spanish brand wants to make its way into the world of padek tennis and in what way, it proposes several ranges of affordable footwear with some of the most striking and different designs.

Munich Padel offers us three ranges to choose from according to price:

  • Pad X with a more adjusted price without giving up spectacular design and technologies

  • Oxygen is the intermediate range, here we take a step forward in terms of technologies, price and above all in comfort

  • Atomik is the most premium range in Munich oriented to padel tennis, with a radically different design from what has already been seen, the Spanish firm bets on this model for this 2021.


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Showing 1 - 14 of 14 items