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Adidas Padel

Undoubtedly one of the most powerful brands in the world of padel tennis and sports in general, located among the top brands in world sport in padel tennis was not going to be less.

The German brand has been with us since the 20s, without a doubt they have plenty of experience, seniority, professionalism and quality and of course with its incredible range of padel products it will not be less.


Adidas Padel

Adidas padel offers us the guarantee of a quality brand with decades of innovation and style behind it.

One of the most prestigious sports brands in the world of sports joins this project as it could not be less, the German brand originating in the 20s guarantees us a high quality in all its products, both in its clothing and padel shoes as well as their adidas padel rackets, one of the most loved by the players of this sport.

Today adidas has a few players in the professional ranking, but ... what players! The great Alejandro Galán and the fantastic Martita Ortega. Among its models of padel rackets we can highlight its spectacular Adidas Adipower 2.0, a great padel racket in terms of design and technologies.

At Padel Pro Shop we offer you a wide variety of specific products for the practice of this sport, from shoes and padel tennis rackets to all kinds of accessories and accessories through its entire sportswear catalog.


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Showing 1 - 100 of 124 items