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Puma Padel

Puma rackets break into the padel universe in order to adapt to any player, from basic levels to professional rackets. You should try the Puma's carbon fiber rackets to get the highest level on the court. A selection of rackets for all players.

Padel rackets Puma 2022

Puma returns to the world of padel in the best way. After a few years when they stopped manufacturing material for our sport, they return in 2022 betting on superior quality rackets and all kinds of equipment.

Puma padel rackets adapt to any player, from amateur or intermediate levels to professional rackets. Puma, a giant of sports equipment, has opted for Momo González, in the men's circuit, and Victoria Iglesias in women's padel as brand image this year. This German brand has high hopes for these two promising young players.

Currently, in Padel Pro Shop, you can find some models of the Puma brand. We are working to have a larger catalog available.

Characteristics of Puma Rackets

Puma padel rackets are characterized by combining top quality materials such as carbon fiber with the latest available technologies. The result is professional quality rackets at a very competitive price.

This year they are betting on the SOLAR ATTACK range, available in 2 versions: the Control, in a round shaped, and the Power, in a teardrop shaped.

Padel Rackets Puma: Price

The prices of Puma rackets in 2022 range from just €80 for cheap padel rackets, to more than €200 for their top models, such as the Solar Attack line.

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Showing 1 - 20 of 20 items