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Padel balls

Padel-tenis balls

Balls from the best padel-tenis brands, Head, Adidas and Bullpadel 

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Showing 1 - 71 of 71 items
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In our Padel Pro Shop store, you can find the best balls on the market at the best price. Our balls comply with the official regulations on colors, measurements and pressure. As established by the regulations of the Spanish Padel Federation, the balls must be a rubber sphere with a uniform green or yellow outer surface. Its weight does not exceed 60 grams and it must have a rebound of between 135 and 145 when leaving it from a hard surface from 2.54 meters.

In the world of padel-tennis, the offer of balls is becoming more extensive and specialized, but from our store, we want to offer you the best brands.

Head balls

Head is the leading brand in the market in the sale of padel-tenis balls. Its Head Padel Pro model is one of the most consumed products of the last decade. They also lead the market, thanks to the guarantee of being the official ball of the World Padel Tour.

Adidas balls

Adidas is one of the largest brands in the sports market and for this reason it has managed to become one of the three best in the padel-tenis market. Therefore his Adidas Aditour Xp balls are among the best-selling in recent years. Balls that are characterized by offering a correct balance between rebound and control, being able to guarantee a long durability.

Bullpadel balls

Bullpadel is one of the best brands in the padel-tenis market. Its Bullpadel Premium Pro model today is one of the most consumed by users. They are balls that guarantee great speed and durability. They move fast and light and also do so during several games thanks to a synthetic felt and high-density rubber core construction.

Starvie balls

Starvie with his SV Padel Pro ball has managed to be the sponsor of the National Series of the paddle circuit. Ball with a live bounce and great durability.