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Bullpadel balls

Bullpadel balls

Balls from one of the best brands in the padel-tenis market.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 12 items
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Bullpadel balls

In Padel Pro Shop you can buy Bullpadel balls in cans, packs and drawers. Top quality balls, fully approved. The padel-tenis balls of the Bullpadel brand provide the perfect flight, a consistent bounce and the maximum sensation when hitting.

Bullpadel is one of the most demanded brands in the padel-tenis market, all its products are of high quality, innovating each season with new products. One of its outstanding products are paddle balls, where two stand out above the others, the Premium Pro model and the Gold model.

Premium Pro Bullpadel balls

Balls of great speed and durability, made with the highest quality synthetic felt and a high density rubber core that reduces porosity, avoiding pressure loss and extending the life of the ball. The Premium Pro ball is a ball with maximum speed in order to speed up the games. Thanks to its manufacture of the highest quality synthetic felt, it increases and guarantees a better hitting sensation.

Gold Bullpadel balls

Balls of great speed, quality and durability. Made of natural felt and high density rubber core. Excellent adhesion and grip. Soft touch. Thanks to its top quality manufacture in natural felt, it increases and guarantees a better hitting sensation. In addition, it has a high-density rubber core that prevents loss of pressure, increasing the durability of the ball. It is the official ball of the competitions organized by the Madrileña, Extremadura and Murciana Padel Federations.