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Bullpadel rackets

Bullpadel is undoubtedly the leading brand in the paddle tennis market, here you can get a great variety of the catalog of this prestigious brand. Here you can see a large catalog of blades of this brand but if you want to see more click here, if what you are looking for is paddle shoes click here.

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Bullpadel Padel rackets 

Bullpadel is the padel brand par excellence. Since they began their journey in the mid-90s, they have been one of the reference brands in this sport. 

At Padel Pro Shop, we offer in our catalog the best models of Bullpadel rackets, from those of initiation, going through intermediate level rackets up to the professional ones. 

Bullpadel Control Rackets

Bullpadel control rackets promote a more strategic and defensive style of play, where maneuverability and precision are important parts of the game. This type of blade usually has a round shape and can be made of fiberglass or carbon fiber.

Bullpadel Power Rackets 

Bullpadel power rackets are designed for a strictly offensive game. They are perfect for getting the most out of the aerial game and bring out your most aggressive side on the court. They are rackets that, as a general rule, have a diamond shape or tear

Best Bullpadel 2022 rackets 

Bullpadel is characterized by having a wide range of rackets where quality and technology are its main characteristics. 

Within its catalog, two models stand out and are already iconic in the world of paddle tennis: 

  • Bullpadel Vertex 03, padel racket of Martín Di Nenno and the Tello-Chingotto couple, among others. 
  • Bullpadel Hack 03, Paquito Navarro’s racket among others. 

This 2022 also highlights the rackets of the number 1 couple of the women's circuit: 

  • Bullpadel Flow of Alejandra Salazar. 
  • Bullpadel Elite of Gemma Triay. 

Cheap Bullpadel Rackets 

The Spanish brand also has cheap paddle tennis rackets, where the price is reduced to the maximum to give you the possibility of taking your first steps in paddle tennis. These rackets are usually aimed at a player with initiation or intermediate level and are usually made of fiberglass. The models stand for Raider, Indiga, and Libra

Bullpadel Woman Rackets

The main difference between a men's and women's padel racket is usually the weight. Bullpadel has quite a few options for women's padel, among which the rackets of the number 1 couple in the world stand out: 

  • Bullpadel Flow of Alejandra Salazar. 
  • Bullpadel Elite of Gemma Triay. 

Bullpadel Junior Rackets 

The Spanish brand Bullpadel also thinks about the future promises of the padel world and has in its catalog Junior padel rackets. They are blades with a reduced weight to facilitate their handling. 

Professional Bullpadel Players 

If there is something in which Bullpadel stands out, it is in its great list of sponsored players. They have to their credit the number 2 couple in the world, Paquito Navarro and Martín Di Nenno. In addition, they also acquired the services of the Tello-Chingotto. Within the women's circuit, the number 1 in the world Triay-Salazar

Bullpadel Rackets Price 

The prices of Bullpadel rackets range from €60 for Junior rackets to €270 for professional rackets such as the Vertex. 

Frequently asked questions about Bullpadel padel rackets

Where are Bullpadel rackets made?

The Spanish brand designs all its blades in national territory and manufactures in its own factories in Southeast Asia.

What Bullpadel rackets are carbon?

Bullpadel has a wide catalog of blades made of carbon. The Vertex and Hack ranges stand out.

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