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PPS sublimated technical t-shirt in pink and blue colors. You can customize it to your liking by adding your sponsors or your name in the color you want.

* If you decide to customize the shirt, no changes or refunds are allowed *

* The customization of the shirt will be made with vinyl *


We have launched to create our first line 100% padel pro shop, with six designs designed for players who love padel. As those of you who have tried our products will know, our rule is to sell things that we want to use, so we choose a sublimated coolmax xtreme fabric, that is, a synthetic fabric that dries quickly, does not rub and has a great durability, in addition we remove the label on the nape of the neck to avoid chafing and increase comfort. The price is € 25, being our own brand we have not looked for the margin, but the comfort of the client, you will see that the shirts are “made in Spain”. Also, if you want to personalize it with your name, for yourself or for your partner, we will give you the option to personalize any of these models for € 5. By doing so in our warehouses, this will not delay your order, and we will continue to ship within 24/48 hours. We hope you enjoy these 6 new models, and give us your opinion on our social networks.


-Technique: sublimation plus

-Coolmax Xtreme 175gr.

-high breathability premium fabric.

Manufactured and designed in Spain.

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