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Drop Shot is a Spanish brand famous for its large catalog and especially for its quality-price rackets, one of the official sponsors of the World Padel Tour, is here to stay. It offers us a wide variety of Paddle Rackets, including the Canyon of the great Brazilian player Pablo Lima, without a doubt one of the great brands to take into account this 2022.

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The Spanish brand Drop Shot is characterized by having one of the largest catalogs on the market. Their high-quality rackets and their constant innovation have made them official R&D collaborators of the World Padel Tour.

Drop Shot is the brand of the legend Juan Martín Diaz, number one in the world for 13 years, together with Fernando Belasteguín. Juan actively participates in the product development of the Spanish brand. Because of that, we can assure you the quality of our products.

One of the novelties for 2022 has been the addition to its ranks of Pablo Lima. Because it couldn't be differently, they have developed an exclusive racket with a design inspired in the Porto Alegre Canyon, the Drop Shot Canyon. For sure, one of the great novelties to take into account this year. In addition, this year continues with Lucas Campagnolo in its ranks, one of this year's revelations.

Racket Drop Shot Conqueror

The Drop Shot Conqueror is the line of rackets specially made for Juan Martín Díaz. This year, they continue putting faith in this style, and they bring us the Conqueror 10. This padel racket has a hybrid shape, designed for attacking players due to its high-density rubber added to its triaxial carbon fiber, which will provide us with great ball output and control.

This padel racket was made under the supervision of the 13-year-old number 1 in the world. For that reason, it is undoubtedly one of the jewels in the brand's crown.

Racket Drop Shot Legend

The Legend 3.0 belongs to the range of Be One of Drop Shot, the brand's top racket line. Its oversize round shape, halfway between the classic round shaped and diamond shaped, makes it a very versatile padel racket.

Its Rectangle Carbon 24K carbon, CURV 360 technologies and 3D Face roughness are united to an inner core of high-density Eva Pro rubber. All of this makes the hitting sensation soft, subtle and indescribable.

Padel racket Explorer 5.0 Drop Shot

The Drop Shot Explorer silo is one of the most contrasted of the brand. It belongs to the Ambition line, advanced range padel rackets for demanding players who care about the performance and, in addition, good value for money.

And, without a doubt, the Drop Shot Explorer 5.0 has become an inspiration. Its teardrop shaped and a medium-high balance give it a plus of power, and its notable sweet spot does not detract from its playability. A padel racket for all levels, professional, intermediate and amateur.

Drop Shot Shovels for Women

Of course, in the Drop Shot collection, we have exclusive rackets for women. This 2022 its main racket is the Conqueror 10 Woman, with a lower weight and a large sweet spot. In addition, we can find the Soft version of many important silos.

Padel Racket Drop Shot by Juan Martín Díaz

This year, Drop Shot continues betting on the Conqueror 10, Juan Martín Díaz's racket. The Spanish-Argentine player has been number 1 in the world for 13 years and actively participates in the development of his racket.

Racket Drop Shot by Pablo Lima

Pablo Lima has been the brand new fantastic signing of Drop Shot this 2022. And how could it be otherwise, the Spanish brand has made a signature racket for the 'Cañón de Porto Alegre'.

This is the Drop Shot Canyon, a professional tear-shaped padel racket with a medium-high balance and a wide sweet spot. The Brazilian player has participated in the manufacture of his racket, and you can feel it in the Canyon.

They have a double tubular carbon, faces that combine TeXtreme 24K carbon, with Curv 360 technology and an inner core of Eva Pro. This has a medium density rubber, high recovery and sophisticated memory.

Frequently Asked Questions about Drop Shot Paddle Racquets

What is the best Drop Shot racket?

At Padel Pro Shop, we usually say that there is no better or worse padel racket, but more or less suitable for each player. If you pay attention to what the brand says, the Be One Line is the top of the brand's range. And within this line, the Conqueror by Juan Martín is the jewel in the crown. We cannot fail to mention the Canyon by Pablo Lima or the Explorer by Lucas Campagnolo.

How is the Drop Shot brand?

Drop Shot is the brand of the legend Juan Martín Diaz, number one in the world for 13 years together with Fernando Belasteguín. Juan actively participates in the product development of the Spanish brand, so it is a guarantee of quality.

Where are Drop Shot rackets made?

Drop Shot is a brand that designs and has its headquartered in Spain, although manufacturing is not national. It has its own factories in Southeast Asian countries.

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