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Martín Di Nenno #

Martín Di Nenno is an Argentine padel player who began to stand out playing alongside Stupa. However, his career suffered a serious setback after a traffic accident that left him off the tracks in the 2016 season and in which his friend Elías Estrella unfortunately died.

In 2017 Di Nenno returns to the circuit and during the subsequent seasons he gradually achieves goals and consolidates himself as a promise of world padel. Finally, in 2021 Paquito Navarro decides to call him to form his current partner, creating a spectacular duo that has already achieved great success on the World Padel Tour, establishing itself as one of the most powerful couples.
Martín Di Nenno plays with the Bullpadel VERTEX 03 COMFORT 22 racket.

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Martín Di Nenno

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