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Nox padel rackets

Get the best Nox padel rackets on our website, all its ranges and models at a single click

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Showing 1 - 27 of 27 items

Nox Padel Rackets

Nox padel rackets land in Padel Pro Shop to make the difference between the top brands in the paddle market, providing their own technologies in terms of construction of paddle rackets, such as their rough expensive characteristics, either with the panel bee or with the characteristic sandy composition to achieve a greater effect on our hits.

Paddle rackets Nox World Padel Tour

We cannot leave aside its incredible designs, which undoubtedly honor its Luxury range accompanied by the World Padel Tour seal, without a doubt the most striking and stylish on the market.


Defending the brand on the slopes we find Miguel Lamperti with his mythical NOX ML10 range, Agustín Tapia with his spectacular NOX AT10 LUXURY GENIUS ARENA and the Sánchez Alayeto twins with the NOX MP10 and NOX MJ10 respectively, a great option to have in account for this season.

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