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Showing 1 - 47 of 47 items
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Nox 2023 Padel Rackets

Since the release of its first collection in 2009, Nox has managed to position itself as one of the top brands in the world padel market. Its innovation and proprietary technology applied to their rackets are highly valued by all types of players. Nox base its strategy on providing the user with top quality material along with the sponsorship of top players in the professional circuit. The incorporation of Miguel Lamperti to the brand marked a before and after in the history of Nox, catapulting it to the next level. Currently they also sponsor the Atómikas twins, Mapi and Majo Alayelo, and one of the most outstanding players of today, Agustín Tapia.

NOX ML10 Padel Racket

Miguel Lamperti's ML10 is one of the most iconic and best selling racquets in history. It is the total racket: versatile, comfortable, solid, powerful, durable. Its round shape provides extra control to each ball. A classic that will never go out of fashion. A racket made for all types of players. Whether beginner, intermediate or professional.

Nox Attraction World Padel Tour Padel Racket

Within the Nox catalog for 2022, we find the new Attraction World Padel Tour. A racket designed in carbon for aggressive players, where the attacking game is its main virtue. Its teardrop shape gives a plus in the aerial game. You will get all your shots out of the court.

Nox Pro Cup Black 2023 Racket

The Nox Pro Cup Black 2023 is the sister of the ML 10. Made with the same materials except for the faces' finishing, it incorporates a rough finish with silica sand to print a more pronounced effect on the blows.

Nox Padel Padel Bats for Women

Of course, within the Nox collection, we have exclusive padel rackets for women. This 2022, its main padel racket is the Nox Equation Lady WPT Edition 2023, a paddle with a round format, a slightly smaller weight, and a large sweet spot.

Nox Blades Features

The Nox brand is characterized by developing the best padel material combining the latest technology and the newest materials. Their rackets are considered one of the best on the market. There are several features that are basic to the entire brand:

  • Great power, control, or balance between them.
  • Manufactured with the best materials.
  • They have the most exclusive and innovative technologies and systems in the sector.
  • Quality blades.
  • Attractive and eye-catching designs.
  • High durability.

Buy Padel Nox Padel Rackets

In Padel Pro Shop, we have the best blades of the brand Nox to put them at your fingertips in our select catalog. You can choose between the different Nox collections and equip yourself with quality products.

Buying Nox padel rackets in Padel Pro Shop will be easy and safe in our store. Don't miss our offers and updates with all the brand's products!

For our online padel store, it is essential to have the best products and lowest prices in the industry. Our aim is that you can access the best brands, those that guarantee quality and the best performance and technologies. What are you waiting for to equip yourself with our paddle products?

Frequently Asked Questions about Nox Padel Rackets

How are Nox padel rackets blades?

Nox padel tennis rackets follow a manufacturing process consisting of several steps, including design, stamping, molding, deburring, cleaning, priming, tracing, etc. All steps follow a 100% craft process.

Where are Nox blades manufactured?

The Nox brand designs and manufactures most of its products in Spain but also fabricates its various collections of padel rackets in Pakistan. They seek to produce in this Asian country because they are experts in fibers and resin production, essential components for padel rackets.

How to put a protector on the Nox racket?

To attach the adhesive protector to your Nox racket, you must follow the following steps:

  1. Clean the entire surface of the frame with cotton and alcohol.
  2. Mark, with a pencil, the area where to place the protector.
  3. Remove the sticker from the protector. Be careful not to touch the glue.
  4. Place the protector little by little, pressing gently on the central part and trying to leave a few bubbles.
  5. Apply heat to the protector with a hair dryer, from end to end, including the sides.
  6. Allow to dry for several hours

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