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Get in our online Padel store with the best rackets of the moment, find your ideal racket among a wide variety of brands, models and ranges. To see more products like Padel shoes just click here.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 41 items

Padel Rackets

No matter what level you have, on our page you can get the right products for your level of play, from initiation through intermediate and of course the advanced or professional levels and all this at the best prices.

To help you identify which is the perfect model for you, do not hesitate to contact us to advise you on everything in our power, for this you can call or write to our phone number +34 622477548 or write to our email: to find your dream shovel.

How to choose your Padel racket?

The million dollar question, we have all asked ourselves more than once and more than twice, here we will try to answer this question so asked by our clients and by all players.

At this point we could say that three factors influence, our level of play, our style of play and especially how much money we want to spend on your padel racket.

1-For the level we have already mentioned that we can differentiate three categories:

  • Initiation
  • intermediate
  • Advanced / professional

2-Depending on our style of play we can differentiate three types of padel rackets according to their shape

  • RoundA perfect padel racket for those players looking for maximum control in their game.
  • Tear droppolyvalent padel rackets are determined to those that have this shape, since it can serve us to perform a more control game or, on the other hand, a much more aggressive game.
  • Diamond: The form preferred by attack players, those who are looking for power in their game and smashes.

The shape of the racket is important since depending on this it will report a series of pros and cons, we also have to identify what type of players we are, if those who are looking for  maximum power or on the other hand want a more style of play balanced and control, we are also interested in taking into account our physical conditions, our age and if we have any type of injury, in short, be aware of our limitations.

3-And finally the price, of course by opting for a higher-end model we are always going to benefit from both better materials and better technology and studies behind that padel rackets, guaranteeing us greater durability of the material, in this regard there is Much to say, we can take into account the rubber of the racket, the materials of the faces such as the frame, the type of handle and what its benefits bring us, for this we recommend you enter the file of the product that you want to discover since in this will come to you all very detailed.

From Padel Pro Shop we recommend the top rackets of the most recognized brands in the market, starting with the star models of the Bullpadel brand that are the HACK and the VERTEX, the rackets chosen by professional players Paquito Navarro and Maxi Sanchez respectively, on the other On the other hand we have the adidas ADIPOWER SOFT 2.0, the weapon within the courts of the great Alejandro Galán, perfect to be number one on the court. We continue with Nox and his NOX AT10 LUXURY, the shovel of the magician Agustín Tapia, without a doubt one of the most versatile and striking shovels on the professional circuit. We cannot forget one of the flagship brands of the sport, Head accompanied by the great Sanyo Gutierrez with the HEAD GRAPHENE 360 model, a classic already within the professional circuit and that is renewed every year with better technologies.

On our online website you can find all these brands of padel rackets to be able to get the one that best suits you, here you have links to some of them simply click on the name:

  • Bullpadel: Spanish brand Nº1 in the padel rackets market, years of experience and a unique quality guarantee.
  • Adidas Padel: in just 3 years an unthinkable egg has been made among the top brands of padel tennis, without a doubt a big one to take into account.
  • Head Padel: experience and design, without a doubt two words that define the Austrian brand specialized in racquet sports.
  • Star vie: innovation and design define this brand, bringing the latest technology to all its models, you never know how they can surprise you.
  • Nox: luxurious design and versatility, two words that fit this brand like a glove, perfect if you are looking for unique rackets for their design but just as powerful in terms of materials and technologies.
  • Asics
  • Babolat

As you can see the world of Padel and specifically the world of padel rackets is something very broad that can be complicated, that is why from Padel Pro Shop we want to facilitate this arduous task of choosing and buying what your weapon will be during the Following months of season for this we try to put all the information in our power at your disposal. If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact us.