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In our online padel shop you can find the best Padel rackets on the market. Discover the latest news in padel rackets. Within our extensive catalog is your ideal shovel. We have a wide variety of brands, models and ranges. No matter what level you have, at Padel Padel Pro Shop you can get the right products for your level of play at the best market price.

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Best Paddle Rackets 202

Types of padel rackets

The paddle rackets generally have 3 different shapes. Each of them has different behavior on the track. Thus, we have round, diamond, or teardrop blades.

  •       Control padel rackets: also known, due to their shape, as round rackets. They are perfect if you want to have more control, manageability, and precision, and if you are looking for a more strategic and defensive type of game, this is your racket.
  •       Power paddle blades: also called diamond blades. Unlike the previous ones, what these rackets are looking for is power. Having a more resistant and solid structure, they are perfect for a strictly offensive game. If you want to enhance your air game and give your attack a plus, choose this racket.
  •       Versatile blades: they are the perfect balance between the two previous types. They are tear-shaped, hence their other name, teardrop blades. They are ideal if you are looking for a balance between control and power, between defensive and offensive play. If you are a hybrid player, do not hesitate to get this racket.

Best Padel Rackets 2022

Every year at the beginning of the season, brands release new racket models, and sometimes it can be hard to keep up with all the news. We make a summary of the best paddle tennis racket brands for the year 2022.

Adidas Padel Rackets

Adidas padel rackets have always been synonymous with innovation. Adidas is a brand that has been the market leader in many sports for several decades. For this reason, they have the best materials and technologies, which means that each year the launch of their blades causes great expectation since they are one of the most demanded in the market. Among others, we could highlight Adidas Metalbone 3.1 Shovel by Ale Galán for 2022, a power racket with a new weight customization system, or the Adipower CTRL Lite 2022, which offers a perfect balance between control and power.

Head Padel Rackets

Head is a brand with a significant track record in tennis and also has been one of the reference brands in padel for years. It is recognized in the market for its unique designs and the use of the best technologies. Hence, this season many professionals have opted for this brand, such as Ari Sánchez with her Head Alpha Motion racket or Arturo Coello, one of the most prominent promises of the padel world.

Bullpadel Padel Rackets

Bullpadel is one of the most recognized brands and with more prominence in the paddle market. It has authentic, iconic blades within its catalog. Being a specific brand for this sport, it puts 100% of its resources into innovation and developing new technologies that take padel to the next level. It is the true market leader. They have a wide range of rackets for different levels and types of games. Many professionals choose Bullpadel as their equipment brand. This is the case of Paquito Navarro, Martín Di Nenno, Tello,Chingotto, Gemma Triay or Alejandra Salazar.

Among its rackets stand out the iconic Vertex and Hack.


Frequently Asked Questions about Padel Rackets

How to choose paddle rackets?

Many factors can determine whether to buy one racket or another. But, to make a choice easier, we are going to focus on the three most important: level, type of game, and price. Below we explain each factor in detail.

Game level:

In the market, we have rackets specially designed for different levels of the player. So we have rackets for beginners or intermediate level, advanced level rackets, and professional rackets.

The rackets for beginners are often the control rackets since when we start our adventure with paddle tennis, we do not have a good enough technique, and we will need a tool that helps us return the ball without much difficulty. They are more comfortable padel rackets, which convey security and have the widest sweet spot. As for materials, they are usually fiberglass.

If we have been playing for a long time, and our technique is more developed, we can opt for the advanced rackets. They allow us a more aggressive game since they offer more power and features.

Lastly, professional rackets are more rigid, made of more resistant materials like carbon, and weigh more. Using these blades and having the technique developed to perfection will help us to leave the ball in the exact place we want during the game. But, the ball output is much lower, so we do not recommend using these rackets if you do not have the appropriate level.

Game style:

As we have already mentioned, depending on the type of game, we should opt for one type of paddle tennis racket or another. Thus, if we play more defensively, we choose the round one. If we prefer an offensive game more, we opt for the diamond racket, and if we want to achieve a balance between two styles, we will choose the teardrop racket.


Finally, we have to decide how much we are willing to pay. Although, this is not the principal factor. In paddle tennis, a more expensive racket does not necessarily mean better since it will depend a lot on our level and style. Professional rackets are usually more expensive. However if you are a beginner player, surely this type will serve you much worse than cheaper ones.

If you still have doubts about which paddle tennis racket is the best option for you, get in touch with us. With our long experience in the world of this sport, we will help you find the most suitable racket.

You can call or write to our phone number +34 622477548 or write to our email: to find your dream racket