Nox MJ10 LUXURY by Majo Sánchez Alayeto 2023


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Nox MJ10 LUXURY by Majo Sánchez Alayeto racket with diamond shape and 100% carbon frame.

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Majo is a backhand player, with a powerful and aggressive game based on vipers, volleys and spikes. If your style of play is defined by the same parameters, the MJ10 LUXURY 2023 will not disappoint you.

Its core features the Multilayered Black Eva technology, an evolution of the Multilayered Core that, together with the 12K carbon faces, allows for an optimal distribution of the energy generated by your shots, both in low speed shots and power shots, thus improving your performance in the game. Like its predecessor, it features the AVS lateral anti-vibration system and rough-finished faces to facilitate spin shots. New for 2023, the MJ10 LUXURY 2023 features the new Smartstrap® replaceable safety string system. Improve the hygiene and safety of your racket by easily replacing the cord without losing your warranty by not having to manipulate the bottom cap. More customisation options at your fingertips!

Data sheet

Gender Unisex
Colour Blue
weight 360-375 gr
Game level Pro Player
Shape Tear (Polyvalent)
Seasson 2023
Frame Carbon
Face Carbon 12K
Core HR3 hight density Black Eva
Surface Rough
Pro player Majo
Thickness 38mm

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