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In Padel Pro Shop we offer you a wide variety os padel-tenis shoes, both for men and women. We offer you shoes from the best brands in the padel-tenis market. To see padel rackets just click here

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Showing 1 - 100 of 195 items
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Padel-tenis shoes are our best weapon on the court, we have a wide variety of padel-tenis shoes for women and men. A good choice of padel-tenis shoes, more stability or more agility determine a great padel-tenis player. In our store we offer a wide variety of brands of padel-tenis shoes.

Padel-tenis Head shoes

Head is one of the most prestigious brands in the world of padel-tenis and that is why we offer you mid-range and high-end shoes at very economic prices.

Padel-tenis Bullpadel shoes

Bullpadel is one of the best padel-tenis brands, thanks in part to its footwear. Their shoes are among the best on the market, responding perfectly in any terrain and situation, offering maximun grip in every movement.

Padel-tenis Joma shoes

Joma is one of the great bands in the sport market and for few years ir has entered the competition of the great padel-tenis brands, having in its calalog since 2019 the new World Padel Tour shoes.

Padel-tenis Mizuno shoes

Mizuno is a great sport band. their shoes are consumed by athletes of all levels from amateurs to professionals. Mizuno shoes, is a guarantee of comfort, resisntace and design. Their designs stand up for their great grip on the track.

Padel-tenis Adidas shoes

Adidas is one of the largest brands in the world. The Adidas padel-tenis shoes stand out for their grip. cushioning, resistance and design. They are also one of the shoes with more resistance and durability.