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Padel rackets Star Vie

Padel rackets Star Vie, one of the brands with the most presence in the world of padel, thanks to its unique technologies and 100% Spanish manufacturing

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Showing 1 - 20 of 20 items

Starvie Padel RAckets

How could it be less Padel Pro Shop brings you closer to one of the leading and beloved padel brands in the world, Star Vie, of course its technologies do not leave anyone indifferent, offering us a large number of ranges with all kinds of mix both in materials, either in the rubber used in the blade or the material used to make the faces of the blade or the frames, and what stands out most is the great variety of handles that we can find among all its ranges, adjusting this to our needs and styles of play.

Without a doubt it is a brand to take into account when choosing our padel tennis racket, of course all these technologies are accompanied by unique and more than recognizable designs, making these rackets one of the most complete and elegant within the tracks, we recommend them without any doubt.


Currently Star Vie goes hand in hand with a large number of players from the professional WPT circuit, among which the great Franco Stupaczuk stands out from the world ranking, who is currently playing with the STAR VIE RAPTOR PRO model, perfect for those more aggressive players within the track and on the other hand we have the Warrior, Matías Díaz, currently playing with the STAR VIE METHEORA WARRIOR which is undoubtedly one of the most versatile padel racke of the brand to date.

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