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StarVie padel rackets

Padel rackets Star Vie, one of the brands with the most presence in the world of padel, thanks to its unique technologies and 100% Spanish manufacturing

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Showing 1 - 25 of 25 items
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Starvie 2022 padel rackets

StarVie is one of the most recognizable brands in the world of padel. It has a wide range of sports equipment, including paddle tennis rackets and accessories. 

Since it began its journey in 2009, it has had a clear policy: premium quality products, commitment to young promises, and national manufacturing. 

They have padel tennis rackets for all levels: professional, intermediate,  initiation, and for the younger public

Paddle racket Triton Starvie

The StarVie Triton Pro 2022 paddle racket is indicated for the most aggressive players. Its teardrop shape makes it quite balanced but gives it a plus of power. 

Both in the faces and profile, we have 100% Carbon to provide a fully professional performance in the game as well as greater durability and elasticity. The Triton Pro will be Javi Garrido's racket in 2022.

Padel racket Metheora StarVie

The Metheora Warrior 2022 from StaVie is a racket aimed at high-level players looking for a racket with a good balance and a large sweet spot, with soft rubber sensations but with a point of stiffness. 

Made of 100% carbon, makes it a really versatile racket, which excels in both control and power.

Starvie Titania racket

The Titania Kepler 2022 is the perfect racket for intermediate level players who want to continue progressing in their game. Really comfortable and precise racket with excellent control and power. Its face is made of Fiberglass and the tubular of Carbon Fiber. 

Its round shape favors the millimeter precision in each ball.


Starvie Astrum racket by Bea Gonzalez

The Astrum Eris is the new racket of Bea Gonzalez for this 2022. It stands out for combining fiberglass with Colours Carbon 3k gold carbon in the plane. This combination of materials provides a unique feeling when in contact with the ball. Round in shape, it also stands out for its large sweet spot. 


Frequently Asked Questions about Starvie Padel Rackets

What is the best StarVie?

At Padel Pro Shop, we always say that there are no better or worse padel rackets. It all depends on the characteristics of each player and the style of play. If we rely on the Pro line of the brand, the outstanding blades are Meteora, Triton, Raptor, and Astrum.

How are the StarVie padel rackets?

The StarVie brand has been manufacturing top-level professional rackets for over a decade. The Spanish brand is a safe value. If you are thinking of buying a StarVie racket, do not think about it twice. 100% recommended by Padel Pro Shop.

Where are StarVie rackets manufactured?

The StarVie brand has its factory in Spain, more concretely in Azuqueca de Henares (Guadalajara). It allows them to design and produce each racket through a traditional process.

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