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Get the entire catalog of Varlion padel rackets, without a doubt a unique quality and with innovative technologies perfect for those who are looking for maximum performance on the court.

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Varlion padel rackets 100% designed and manufactured in Spain

Without a doubt, one of the best brands when it comes to providing us with the best technologies and innovations in the world of paddle tennis, that is why we have decided to implement this more than well-known brand among our ranks. As a standard-bearer for the brand they have the young Mike Yanguas, who this year will play with the Varlion Bourne summun prisma, a padel racket with spectacular power and incredible control. Highlight, among others, the new Radio technology incorporated in the rackets of its two new flagship rackets , the BOURNE SUMMUM PRISMA RADIO and the MAXIMA SUMMUM PRISMA RADIO, as a curiosity, all the rackets of the gamma summun have a winter version (W) and a summer version (S), this allows us to have a different density in the rubber to better adapt to the difference in temperatures, without a doubt a detail to take into account when choosing our padel racket.

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