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Varlion padel rackets

Get the entire catalog of Varlion padel rackets, without a doubt a unique quality and with innovative technologies perfect for those who are looking for maximum performance on the court.

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Showing 1 - 32 of 32 items
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Get the entire catalog of Varlion padel rackets. Without a doubt, a unique quality and with innovative technologies perfect for those who are looking for maximum performance on the court.

Among others, the new Summum Radio range stands out, incorporating the two new blades: the BOURNE SUMMUM PRISMA RADIO and the MAXIMA SUMMUM PRISMA RADIO.

As a curiosity, all the blades of the Summun range have a winter version (W) and a summer version (S). This allows us to have a different density in the rubber, in order to better adapt to different temperatures, without a doubt, a detail to take into account when choosing our rackets.

Shovel Varlion Bourne

Bourne is a model that was born in 2018 from the merger between the Cañon (diamond shaped padel rackets created in 2003) and the Avant (teardrop shape created in 2009). As a final result, we got a teardrop shaped racket, designed for players looking for power in their game without giving up control.

Varlion padel racket for women

Varlion is undoubtedly one of the brands that is committed to manufacture of exclusive padel rackets for women. Although many of their catalog could be considered unisex, they currently have the Racket Varlion LW TI woman 2022  in their catalog.

Shovel Varlion Junior

Varlion's junior padel rackets are another feature of its extensive catalog. You will be able to find rackets for children without any problem within the range of rackets of the Spanish brand.

Varlion Shovels Prices

The price range of Varlion rackets ranges from the most expensive, which are around 400 euros, to the cheapest  amateur padel rackets, which barely exceed 100 euros. The most expensive incorporate the best technologies and innovations in the world of padel tennis.

Frequently Asked Questions about Varlion Rackets

Where are Varlion rackets made?

Varlion manufactures and designs its products entirely in Spain.

Which players use Varlion?

Currently, they have the young Miguel Yanguas as the main standard of the brand. Players such as Jon Sanz, Ivantxo Ramírez, Bárbara Las Heras or Vero Virseda are also part of the Varlion PRO Team.

How to see the size of a Varlion racket?

At Padel Pro Shop you can see all the technical sheets of the Varlion padel tennis rackets.

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